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University Core Development

Core Development of UMK

  • To develop and internationalise study programmes and academic activities to support the university’s growth
  • To provide human resources with knowledge, competence and integrity
  • To develop infrastructure that supports the philosophy of development for a world-class university
  • To practice a good system of management and governance
  • To contribute to the well-being of the community and industry


Organizational Core Values

Each student and staff of UMK support the same core values in order ​​to build a University's identity. UMK’s three (3) core values ​​are to :

  • Be creative and innovative ;
  • Be prepared to bring about and accept changes; as well as
  • Be professional in all endeavours.


Be Creative and Innovative

UMK staff need to constantly improve their quality of work by improving work procedures and paying attention to the best practices for more effective and faster (more efficient) delivery which also increases customer satisfaction. UMK staff also need to introduce new products, methods or approaches in offering entrepreneurship education services while taking into account adapting to changes in their surroundings.
Creativity must also be employed in solving complex problems, even with limited resources, while ensuring that the customer’s needs are still met according to expectations. In addition, the staff of UMK need to be ready to explore various possibilities through introducing new and unique ideas to create further opportunities.

Be prepared to bring about and accept changes

The staff of UMK need to be ready to learn and explore new knowledge to improve their individual capabilities while carrying out their responsibilities. They would need to be positive towards constructive criticism as part of the process to strengthen their work product. This openness of character would form individuals who are flexible, versatile, competitive and with high endurance. Next, UMK staff should also be willing to adjust themselves to the changing work environment and responsibilities accordingly.

Be professional in all endeavours

The staff of UMK need to be knowledgeable, skilled and competent in their field of expertise or with their responsibilities. They would need to prioritize when carrying out a responsibility by being efficient and effective in accordance with the duties and ethics of their specialised discipline.The university staff must always emphasise the achievement of UMK’s Vision by being friendly and approachable, full of integrity, participative, honest and trustworthy, responsible and committed, as well as being grateful and redha. Lastly, UMK staff need to be ready to lead while also providing cooperation and support when being led during a task.