Logo and Philosophy


Universiti Malaysia Kelantan’s (UMK) logo is the emphasizes on the letter "U", "M" and "K". The design symbolizes the elements and nature of the university’s openness and timelessness. From another perspective, the hourglass shape reflects life-long learning which has no limit of time in the process of learning. This idea links to the image of two hands asking for God's blessing and solace (redha) while being eternally grateful

The image of the chromosome represents the active and dynamic nature of interaction in the University's environment.The selection of the color "blue" is for Malaysia, "red" for Kelantan and "orange" for ripe areca which refers to heritage

This logo is supported by UMK’s philosophy which focuses on six (6) aspects, namely : 
  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Third language
  • ICT as an enabler.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Quality human capital.
  • Uniqueness and relevancy.

What Our International Students Say?

Latest Update: 11 Januari 2020




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