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BACHOK 2 May I Coopmart Koperasi UMK Berhad customers can not only shop for basic necessities at low prices but also have the opportunity to shop while donating to charity through the Uncang Ramadan package project provided throughout this month.

Director of Cooperative UMK Berhad, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Ismail said the concept of Ramadan packages was an 'upgrade' from the Fair Price Sales (JHP) campaign that had been implemented since the Movement Control (MCO) order.

He said Coopmart Co-operative UMK introduced a buy and donate package by introducing the 'Uncang Ramadan' package following the successful promotion of JHP which received an overwhelming response from customers.

“The Uncang Ramadan project is open to anyone who wants to donate. Initially, our target was not only the UMK community but also open to the public benefactor since there were inquiries and requests. Coopmart Koperasi UMK Berhad will provide and distribute the package to those in need as requested by the donor or the donor can distribute it himself.

"Customers can choose to buy a daily package of RM50 worth of rice, wheat, vermicelli, cooking oil, sugar and sardines," he said.

According to him, the package would help the donors get the goods at a very reasonable price while at the same time helping the current MCO to distribute basic goods to the target group.

“After a week of launching the Coopmart Co-operative UMK received a 300-pack order from donors for an estimated RM12,000.00. This donation pack will be distributed to the asnaf and B40 groups,” he said.

He added that to make it convenient for customers, UMK Cooperative also provided delivery services and hoped that this 'Uncang Ramadhan' package would continue to receive generous contribution while giving donations from UMK members and the public.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business (FKP) has taken the initiative in collaborating with the UMK Cooperative to promote the donate while buying from the UMK Cooperative Fair Price Store (KHP) goods to be distributed to the people in need project.

This noble effort is to help those who are less fortunate during Ramadan and the current MCO challenges by buying basic necessities at very reasonable prices.

According to the Director of the Uncang Ramadan Project, Prof. Dr. Razli Che Razak, the initiative was organised using the Faculty Whatsapp group platform and social media to support the UMK Cooperative and also assist the surrounding community in responding to UMK efforts under the theme "University with the community".

He, who is also the Dean of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies, said the project was the brainchild of FKP lecturers to reap the rewards of the month of Ramadan for donating and giving.

“Thankfully the programme not only received a great response from faculty staff but also received support from UMK alumni as well as the outside community who contributed.

"InshaAllah, this charity project during the month of Ramadan is expected to help boost the sales of the Co-operative and at the same time help the poor community," he said.

Donors can book through the online bank account or Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad UMK 03036010049349. For inquiries and bookings for the Uncang Ramadan project, please contact the Cooperative UMK Berhad through Pn. Azianis Mohd Noor or Ms Nur Afiqa at 010-93139787 / 014-5332187.

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