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Entrepreneurship Preparation Science Program (PPKS)

ppksThe Entrepreneurship Preparation Science Program (PPKS) is a preparatory or foundation program implemented by UMK in collaboration with MARA and MARA Kulim College, Kedah.

The aim of the program is to produce graduates of science field with basic entrepreneurship knowledge. Provide early exposure to students about the learning environment at Higher Education Institutions, especially UMK.

The element of entrepreneurial education not only focuses on developing business, but beyond that, individuals with attributes and values in entrepreneurship have the inherent characteristics of high endurance, the spirit of competition, dynamic, creative and innovative. These features should necessarily be in every student and graduate regardless of their chosen fields to ensure their own success.

Through foreign language courses, students are also expected to acquire communication skills in various languages as an added value to themselves in facing a competitive job market and competition in the field of entrepreneurship.

With the various government initiatives provided, there is no reason anymore for the bumiputera to respond to the government's call to make entrepreneurship a career of choice.

The learning outcomes that have been held for a year at Kulim College MARA, as well as the guidance provided by highly dedicated teachers, PPKS graduates will be a marker Level of quality standards of students who will pursue their studies especially in the field of science degree at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Visit www.umk.edu.my to download the application form through Undergraduate menu


Entry Requirements:

Open to Bumiputera Malaysian citizens aged not more than 20 years during application

Obtained Honors (Grade C) in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) level in subjects;

- Bahasa Malaysia
- Mathematics
- English


Any three (3) of the following subjects;

- Additional Mathematics
- Geography
- Pure Science
- Physics
- Agricultural Science
- Chemistry
- Biology


Contact: + 609-7797010/7014/7027 or + 609-9477019/7037 or
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