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Logo and Philosophy

The symbolism of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan’s (UMK) logo is the emphasis on the letter "U", "M" and "K". The design symbolises the elements and nature of the university’s openness and timelessness. On the other hand, the hour glass shape reflects the unlimited period of time available for the learning process, thus promoting Lifelong Learning. It also symbolizes the elements of a chromosome which is active and dynamic, as well as being a part of nature.

This process is supported by the symbol of two hands in askance of blessing and God’s solace while being eternally grateful. The image of the Chromosome represents the active and dynamic nature of interacting in a university environment. The selection of the colour "blue" is for Malaysia, "red" for Kelantan, and "orange" for the ripe areca which refers to heritage.

This logo is supported by UMK’s philosophy which focuses on six (6) aspects, namely : -

  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Third language
  • ICT as an enabler.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Quality human capital.
  • Uniqueness and relevancy.