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Vision, Mission & Objective

Championing human capital development with entrepreneurial qualities for global prosperity.

UMK provides :

  • High-quality and relevant academic programmes,
  • Research and innovation of high commercial value,
  • Services that fulfill social obligation, that enhance competitiveness in entrepreneurship,

UMK focuses on prioritising the customer’s needs and fulfilling market requirements by providing a conducive environment; and staff that are knowledgeable, skilled, and committed to practicing professional work culture, participative management, as well as carrying out continuous improvements.


Entrepreneurship is Our Thrust


  • To provide knowledgeable, competent, integrated, quality and professional human resources
  • To generate and optimize operating expenses which support the university’s sustainability.
    To develop more dynamic and competitive University learning programs and academic activities at the global level.
  • To produce research and innovation capable of giving impact to the society by engaging the university, government, industry and community.
  • To embrace entrepreneurial culture capable of contributing to the welfare of society, environment and industry.
  • To strengthen an efficient and systematic governance and develop the infostructure and infrastructure to support a conducive environment.
  • To create a self-image and identity which reflect the reputation of an organization through significant indicators.