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UMK provides me a great platform to increase my knowledge in Entrepreneurship field. I have completed my Bachelor Degree and continue with Master Degree in UMK with different course. UMK has different approach and of course its different culture that I personally never felt before. The perspective of outsiders have to change because I am as an Indian, can survive here more than 7 years. So, why don't you? Come join us and feel the different. We Love UMK!
Date of Posting: 06 September 2016
Master of Entrepreneurship (Management) City Campus, Sg.Petani, Kedah
UMK has provided a good approach for the students and it is a valuable experience to pursue studies here.As an undergraduate student,currently i'm glad that all of the experiences have made me someone to survive in the corporate world.Be like a bumblebee..even though it is hard pathway towards success..keep trying as opportunities are available everywhere.
Date of Posting: 13 April 2016
Posted By: thubashini
bachelor of applied science(Bioindustrial Technology), Jeli campus
As an International student getting an offer to pursue PhD in a Public University in Malaysia was a dream come true. Diverse cultures and Strong transitional values have always attracted me, and that is what I believe Malaysia is all about. Exposure has always been my first priority and that is why I chose UMK. University Malaysia Kelantan is young and vibrant, committed and dynamic in ways suited best for student specially ones from abroad. I thank UMK and Malaysia for being home far from ho me and for being family outside family.
Date of Posting: 23 February 2015
Posted By: Syed Ali Fazal
PhD candidate, Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, UMK, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia
If you are considering a place to learn practical knowledge in a totally different, innovative and fun way, then MGSEB is the right place for you. MGSEB-UMK providing a comprehensive study environment with the built in hi-technology collaborate with Apple Inc., as well as a bunch of both academic and industrial expertise through out the whole Master and PhD program to ensure that the students will obtain maximize practicable knowledge on the field, instead of theoretical knowledge which is just useful during examination, but totally out of the real world. The education approach is fun, different as well as adventurous. We are not only stick on the chair for the whole day listening to the lectures, but we will be "forced" to work as a team for adventurous outdoor programs to polish and practically uses what we learn in the class to survive in the stimulate real-world game. Of course, the whole program offers not only just knowledge, but also the rebuilding of entrepreneurial mindset not only for businessman, but also for managers. What are you waiting for as the tuition fees is one of the most competitive among other universities, and you will be entitled for a free Ipad upon registration. Join us today!
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Mohd Hafizuddin Hiew Abdullah
Self-Employer, Kelantan
UMK is different. Different approach, different learning culture, highly motivated lecturer and most importantly UMK is unique. The course was both challenging and rewarding. With great facilities, UMK offered a very interesting learning environment and their approach not only on academic approach but also focus on developing soft skills. My decision to come to UMK was definitely the right one, studying in the Business Administration Faculty (MBA) has provided me with a myriad of new experiences. It was exceptionally down to earth and related theory to practice in a compelling manner which has supported persistent reflection, assessment and change in my guidance practice. Thank you UMK.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Mohamad Norazam bin Abdullah
Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik, MGSEB-UMK City Campus, Bachok, Kelantan
I decided to study in Malaysia is mainly because it is an Islamic country and of coursethe public is very nice to me. I choose UMK because this university is new and have lots of facility and accommodation to support students. Besides, the fees are quite cheap compared to others.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Qaes Talb Syukur Alsarhan
Doctor of Philosophy in Parasitology, Iraq
We are living in a time of immerse creative economy, where the world of education is being asked to grapple with challenges and opportunities by developing creative talents in entrepreneurship and business skill. It’s really exciting to be here (UMK), an academia with curricula tailored towards this world’s priority (i.e. job and wealth creation). During my Masters program, the thorough supervision, insightful feedback and constructive suggestions built my mindset towards conceptualizing and implementing ideas with entrepreneurship values.
Following some of the activities of MGSEB-UMK, I can confidently say that, the centre is greatly developing current and future entrepreneurs and leaders that will compete favourably in the business world. Entrepreneurship education being the core focus of UMK, I will like to suggest that MGSEB in collaboration with CPS should introduce one or two entrepreneur course module during the research methodology class for Research Programmes. This will build the mind-set of research students towards the University vision and also instigate them to achieving this vision in their research work.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Olalere Folasayo Enoch
Masters of Art (Product Design) graduate, FTKW
Being able to pursue my Master by research in Faculty Entrepreneurship & Business (Management) was wonderful, truly I am having an incredible time here and been able to know and learn more about Kelantanese culture. The university, especially the facilities that UMK provides are miles more than I ever expected. The quality of education, the positive influences, and the experiences that I am receiving as a student in UMK will provide me with the solid foundation I need to build my future career. The lecturer, professor, supervisor and instructors truly care for students. They encourage you, comfort you, and inspire you. The friends I have met and the relationship I have made are priceless and will last a lifetime. I would definitely recommend others to study at UMK, since the campus environment is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, absolutely aperfect environment for students which provides the quiet and peace for concentrating on academic endeavours.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Rizki Wannahari
PhD, Environment Technology, Indonesia
I feel honoured to be part of this university as an international student, UMK has given me the exposure to be at the forefront and has helped me to develop my career path, there is no denying fact that the faculty is highly helpful and is always there for me. The study environment is up to the mark with high quality facilities like spacious library that anyone can dream of. I would also like to highlight the fact that I have a lot of support from my colleagues both seniors and juniors and healthy group discussions to polish my interpersonal skills. Extended support from university management helps me a lot to adapt in the new environment. The study environment makes me feel very comfortable to get adjusted to it. It is indeed an honour to be part of UMK and to be honest I feel like I am at home. Such a great place to learn and grow with fun
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Muhammad Qasim
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Pakistan

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